Hidden Treasures From God: an excerpt from Darrell Benton’s New Book “Heal the Sick”

Let’s take a look at Proverbs 25:2, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” He doesn’t hide things from us but hides them for us, for our benefit.  The more we obey and seek Him, the more He will reveal to us. If you look at it as a treasure hunt, you will start feeling excited when you begin to discover His truths as you go from glory to glory.  Power ministry is the most exciting and fun adventure that I have ever experienced in my life.

Just yesterday, while at church, I noticed a couple sitting two rows behind me. They raised their hands indicating they were new to our church and that it was their first time there.  At some point, our Pastor asked those who had health problems to stand up. With this, the husband shot right out of his seat. I leaned over to him and asked him to come to the front of the church after service so that I could pray for his back.  Once the service finished, I sat him down and noticed that his left leg was about half an inch shorter than the right leg. In response to this finding, in the name of Jesus Christ, I commanded his left leg to grow out even with his right leg. It grew out, and his back pain immediately went away.  He and his wife were so excited about this that they asked me to also pray for the wife as she had some prayer requests.

You see, if I hadn’t stepped out, I would have taken the Glory away from God and that is not something I ever want to do.  The Bible tells us that we are all priests and kings. Respond to God’s word and take hold of the Glory of kings. Search out the matter at hand.  Trust me when I say that this will lead you to the most exciting times of your life.