Student Testimonials

Something Was Missing
Achim Huber

After my mom of 80 years old fell and broke her hip, and in constant pain and unable to walk… That’s when my healing ministry started. It was a journey that took me to many seminars in different states, reading many books and attending local church teachings on healing. I witnessed miraculous healing‘s from the healers of our day and with this knowledge I thought I was ready. I tried going out and praying for people including my mother but had very little success. Something was missing. Then friends of mine invited me to Darrell‘s class. Darrell also went to the streets and to the malls, allowing me to personally witness and participate in actual Healings. Darrell patiently showed me every step of the way, what to say and what to do, and he was there to guide and coach us. This was missing in my healing ministry. I had the faith to heal but lacked the confidence/experience to go up to people and pray/ command healing. Most of us have head knowledge but lack the confidence to go out and do it in Jesus name. Darrell has been an answer to my long awaited prayers, and as I go out with him each week to the malls and streets, I feel I am now ready to take what I learned through his class, his book, and his group on the streets…to my own church and continue the desire of my heart…walk in obedience to Jesus commands: heal those who are oppressed of the devil. Preach the Word to the lost. And let God demonstrate His amazing love to a lost and hurting world.

Torn Meniscus Healed

Hi Everyone!

During the last class today I mentioned I have been having trouble stepping out to pray for people and that I've seen healings but not lately. During the prayer that was prayed for boldness, I felt a strong release in the Spirit over me. I also felt my hands tingling after Darrell's prayer as well. After class, I heard the Lord give me a word of knowledge that someone needs prayer for a right leg and they would be at my church that same night. I wasn't sure what to do. So I decided to step out and tell the pastor when I got there. He said the guy next to me has something wrong with his right leg! I had already talked to the guy and had a great conversation. As soon as I looked at him I felt the oil come out of my hands not that that needs to happen but I felt God was showing me he was going to heal him. I felt so much faith!!! He had knee surgery that didn't work from a torn meniscus. He was very concerned coming that night because he was in pain. So I did what you do Darell! I told him to put out his hands. I prayed for peace first. Then, I put my hand on his knee. I prayed in Jesus Name be made new. I just waited because I felt so much power working. He started crying. He said he could feel his knee being knitted back together. He was at a 3, a 2 but not complete yet. I said stand up and jump! He did and said the pain was gone and he could move it!!! I felt the Lord say he will run again! He was blown away.

He told me after he didn't believe it would happen when I went to pray for him. He thought... I don't know how I'm going to tell her the pain isn't gone. He didn't believe God could physically heal. It's was so awesome!!!! I just wanted to thank you, Darrell, for this class! Thank you also to my classmates for building up my faith today. I'm so grateful!!! Keep stepping out!

So much love!


Stepping Out Of Comfort Zone

Thank you so much for putting this class together and encouraging us all to step out for healings! It was such a great class and so encouraging and challenging to step out of our comfort zones and bring the Kingdom of God! Many blessings!!

Ana Maria

Revelation Of Healing

Still thinking about your class, how challenging and encouraging it was. In many ways, I was feeling alone on this leg of my journey and to hear other folks stepping out in healing and to hear about the number of encounters you are experiencing is just awesome. The belief and instant healing is challenging my perspective and echoing in my heart. So excited for the days ahead as I fully believe and am expecting greater fruit.


Raised From Death

I walk in the gym and found people running out of the women's locker room saying "911" "911". I felt a strong urge to go in and pray for whatever the situation was. A woman was covered with a towel and not breathing on the shower floor. After attempts of CPR by a heroic nurse, I quickly knelt by her side and grabbed her hand and the second I said in the name of Jesus her eyes opened. Be healed! She slowly began to mumble. Suddenly she began to blink and come back. It seemed God brought this woman back to life before our eyes. She was then taken out by paramedics shortly after. I can't help but be reminded a genuine and simple prayer can not only heal but save a life. Be healed in Jesus Name! And what a powerful name it is!

Genelle Willanger

Impartation Of Healing Gift

Recently Darrell taught a class on healing at Mott Auditorium and imparted the gift of healing and I felt electricity running through my entire body. That same evening, while we were being called to serve the Lord through healing our fellow brothers and sisters suffering from pain, I witness God's healing powers through me. This young lady came with pain on her right shoulder that got completely healed; she also had her right leg grow out when I commanded it to grow in the name of Jesus as it was a bit shorter than her left leg. Another young woman came to me with pain in her lower back and the Lord healed the pain completely. This past Sunday after service another good friend of mine was complaining from pain and stiffness from her neck, Darrell just happened to stop by and say Hello. Trust me the Lord loves you and He's always looking out for his people. Once again, with Darrell's mentorship, my friend's neck got healed instantly. She almost could not believe it as God delivered total healing to her through us. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Darrell for all the support. I am truly blessed to have you as my mentor and friend. God bless you and your family.


Healing Confidence

Your "matter of fact" attitude toward healing right now and always created a calm confidence I believe for anyone who hears you and I feel much more confident and will go out now with knowing my thoughts be4 healings, giving all glory to God, in the Name of Jesus, and expect immediate healings.


Great Aunt Healed

We visited my wife's great aunt today, she is in her late 80s (she won't say the exact number). She had back surgery a decade or so back and the doctors shaved some discs and some bones to relieve the pain, with minimal success and the constant pain remained.

We checked her legs and one was longer than the other so God grew it out, now they are even. She walked around without her walker and was walking better. We then prayed for healing in her back and she went from an 8 to a 6. We prayed again and it went from a 6 to a 5. She walked again and said she felt different and that the pain in her back left from one side.

We are now contending for a full and complete healing.

Thank you, Jesus, for her healing!!!


Desparate Pain Gone

Hi Darrell Just wanted to let you know that I grew out my masseuse's leg out tonight. She was desperate with the pain for 2 weeks. She said she was born with 1 leg shorter than the other and wore leg braces. I commanded her leg to grow out. She felt something. Then she started to walk around and exclaimed, "there's no more pain"! Praise God!

Deanna G.

Class Success

I'm looking forward to our class tonight, but sad that it is our last one! I have a few healings:
1. I prayed for another teacher at school, her back was bothering her after I prayed she said it felt better. I told her that any time it rears its ugly head, to continue to cast out the pain in the name of Jesus.

2. I visited an elderly lady, who is a neighbor, in the hospital. She recently had 2 surgeries for an obstruction in her colon and complications from the first surgery. When I went in she was in a lot of pain, so prayed for the pain to leave her body. Then she was saying she was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety. I prayed in the name of Jesus for that to be removed as well. When I left she had no pain and seemed much calmer.

3. I prayed for a man at church who is having eye problems and is going for laser surgery tomorrow. I shared with him I Peter 2:24, Matt. 8:17, and John 16:33. He was very appreciative! I told him I was expecting a good prognosis from the doctor tomorrow.

See you tonight!


Alone Time With God

Hi Darrell. I really liked the healing class and hope to go through it again sometime in the future. What I appreciated the most was the challenge to spend more alone time with God listening for a word from Him.


Pastor Recommendations

Kingdom Advancement

Darrell is the most anointed healer I know personally! He lives to see the kingdom of God manifested wherever he goes. When I first met him, I was struck with his awareness and constant proclamation of the love of Jesus... when he ministers to people it's from that place of love. He has healed and delivered countless people. I have personally witnessed him deliver this ministry of Jesus to all sorts of people: from my family to strangers on the street. My favorite part about Darrell is that he is just as quick to impart this gift of healing to you as to heal you!

Daniel Reedy
School of Supernatural Ministry Group Pastor

Healing Made Easy

This is not about my own experience in healing or getting healed, but I vividly remember that one interaction I had with you through your seminar. And the reason is not because of how extraordinary the hour was, but precisely the opposite; how you’ve made healing feel so ordinary and normal in Christian life. You seem to embody the biblical principle of priesthood of ALL believers, especially when it comes to the ministry of healing available to everyone who believes. I’ve appreciated the way you approach healing in an uncomplicated and practical way, providing a safe place for those in a vulnerable place. Many hurting people will be blessed through your simple obedience. Thanks.

Gus Lee
Frontier Ventures

Demystifing Healing

Darrell Benton is a very gifted teacher in teaching and equipping Christian believers to pray for physical healing. Mr. Benton has a strong theology of the Holy Spirit and an excellent Biblical basis for why and how believers pray to allow God to minister supernaturally in and through them. He is great at demystifying Christ's call for believers to pray for the sick. He is also gifted at building confidence and encouraging those that wrestle with doubts and fears when it comes to praying for God to move powerfully through the Holy Spirit. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Rev. Zac Kinter

Child Like Faith

"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give." (Matthew 10:8) Jesus not only healed the sick, he commanded his disciples to do the same. Darrell is a believer fruitfully living out this mandate with child-like faith and inspiring passion. It is exciting to see how he is freely giving away what he has received to train and equip others to do the works of Jesus. I am proud of how he loves the Lord and all the people he meets.

David Oh
Pastor H-Rock Church