The Holy Spirit revealed to me to start a healing ministry in July of 2016. He revealed to me the name God Dependence Ministry and led me to use this web address. This ministry will always be about kingdom advancement via students learning their identity in Christ. Teaching others the simplicity of the healing power of the Holy Spirit has become a burning passion for me. When you understand how easy it is to let His power flow through you, the passion to reach the hurting will be yours as well. The look on peoples faces when they have been supernaturally healed will motivate you as much as it does me. All the Glory to God!!!  - Darrell

I love to share with others how to see immediate results when they pray for healing to individuals that they encounter in and outside of church. I was supernaturally healed of a frozen right shoulder eleven years ago. This experience changed everything for me by making Jesus very real to me. From the moment I discovered that God still heals today. I set out on a journey to learn everything I could about God’s healing power. I have learned a great deal on this subject and God has put it in my heart to share this knowledge with the body of Christ.

I have personally seen hundreds of healings and miracles including healing of cancer, legs being grown out, deaf ears opened and many others. I started teaching on physical healing and doing impartations in 2014. Many people have remarked that my teachings are simple and fun resulting in many healings. My heart's desire is to teach the simplicity of healing to churches, organizations and individuals. By witnessing God's power through the hands of everyday believers, many more souls will be won for the kingdom.

So, whether you are a beginner in the area of healing ministry or if you have already seen some results, I believe you will benefit from this teaching. I invite you to contact this ministry to learn more about my teaching or to partner with us and together, we can walk in and experience greater levels of healing. Periodic classes are offered via internet.  - Darrell