Recently Darrell taught a class on healing at Mott Auditorium and imparted the gift of healing and I felt electricity running through my entire body. That same evening, while we were being called to serve the Lord through healing our fellow brothers and sisters suffering from pain, I witness God's healing powers through me. This young lady came with pain on her right shoulder that got completely healed; she also had her right leg grow out when I commanded it to grow in the name of Jesus as it was a bit shorter than her left leg. Another young woman came to me with pain in her lower back and the Lord healed the pain completely. This past Sunday after service another good friend of mine was complaining from pain and stiffness from her neck, Darrell just happened to stop by and say Hello. Trust me the Lord loves you and He's always looking out for his people. Once again, with Darrell's mentorship, my friend's neck got healed instantly. She almost could not believe it as God delivered total healing to her through us. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Darrell for all the support. I am truly blessed to have you as my mentor and friend. God bless you and your family. Geny Student