Hi Everyone! During the last class today I mentioned I have been having trouble stepping out to pray for people and that I've seen healings but not lately. During the prayer that was prayed for boldness, I felt a strong release in the Spirit over me. I also felt my hands tingling after Darrell's prayer as well. After class, I heard the Lord give me a word of knowledge that someone needs prayer for a right leg and they would be at my church that same night. I wasn't sure what to do. So I decided to step out and tell the pastor when I got there. He said the guy next to me has something wrong with his right leg! I had already talked to the guy and had a great conversation. As soon as I looked at him I felt the oil come out of my hands not that that needs to happen but I felt God was showing me he was going to heal him. I felt so much faith!!! He had knee surgery that didn't work from a torn meniscus. He was very concerned coming that night because he was in pain. So I did what you do Darell! I told him to put out his hands. I prayed for peace first. Then, I put my hand on his knee. I prayed in Jesus Name be made new. I just waited because I felt so much power working. He started crying. He said he could feel his knee being knitted back together. He was at a 3, a 2 but not complete yet. I said stand up and jump! He did and said the pain was gone and he could move it!!! I felt the Lord say he will run again! He was blown away. He told me after he didn't believe it would happen when I went to pray for him. He thought... I don't know how I'm going to tell her the pain isn't gone. He didn't believe God could physically heal. It's was so awesome!!!! I just wanted to thank you, Darrell, for this class! Thank you also to my classmates for building up my faith today. I'm so grateful!!! Keep stepping out! So much love! Genelle