Class Success

I'm looking forward to our class tonight, but sad that it is our last one! I have a few healings: 1. I prayed for another teacher at school, her back was bothering her after I prayed she said it felt better. I told her that any time it rears its ugly head, to continue to cast out the pain in the name of Jesus. 2. I visited an elderly lady, who is a neighbor, in the hospital. She recently had 2 surgeries for an obstruction in her colon and complications from the first surgery. When I went in she was in a lot of pain, so prayed for the pain to leave her body. Then she was saying she was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety. I prayed in the name of Jesus for that to be removed as well. When I left she had no pain and seemed much calmer. 3. I prayed for a man at church who is having eye problems and is going for laser surgery tomorrow. I shared with him I Peter 2:24, Matt. 8:17, and John 16:33. He was very appreciative! I told him I was expecting a good prognosis from the doctor tomorrow. See you tonight! Jennifer