Healing at the Andrew Wommack Conference

I volunteered at the Andrew Wommack conference in Riverside last weekend on the ministry team. God put me there. I saw 30 to 40 healings and here are a few. A lady came up to me with a walker, she couldn’t walk without it. I set her down and grew her left leg out even with the right it was about 2 inches shorter. She got up and walked without the walker and was able to twist her upper body like she hadn’t been able to do for 4 years. A guy came up to me with a bad shoulder and couldn’t raise it over about 20 degrees up. After prayer he had freedom of movement and he then told me of his right ear. He was born with nerve damage and had limited hearing and was getting worse all the time. He could barely hear out of it. God opened up his ear and he could here as well as he could with his other ear. Another older gentlemen came up to me and couldn’t hear very well. After I prayed he asked me if I was continually speaking louder as I prayed. His wife and I laughed God was opening up his ears. At the end of the conference I was leaving and a lady that was on the ministry team also asks me to pray for her sister, she had received prayer but nothing happened. I asked her to take her hearing aids out and said she is not going to need them anymore. She was surprise when God opened up her ears. While she went to the restroom I grew her sister’s leg out and got rid of her back pain. When the lady with the new hearing came out of the restroom she told me that this may sound gross but she said she could hear the toilet paper hit the water in the toilet and she had never heard that before. Oh yeah when we were in the Holy Spirit room with the ministry team there was a guy that his left ankle area lower leg was thinner that the right leg. I commanded it to expand and I felt a lot of power coming out of my hands. His leg expanded out not all the way but enough to see the difference.

The next morning at my church H-Rock I prayed for a lady that couldn’t here out of her left ear and God opened it up. She was a new Christian only 2 weeks into her walk. After service I was called over to pray for a lady in a wheel chair with brain and breast cancer. She couldn’t move her right arm. So to give her faith for the cancer I commanded freedom of movement in her right arm, she started crying and lifted the arm up. I stood her up out of the wheel chair and assisted her in a little walk. Her sister wanted my number to call me and tell when she was cancer free and I said I will give it to you but I know the cancer is gone. Last week at church a lady came up to me and said I prayed for her stage 4 cancer 6 months ago and she is cancer free now. YEAH GOD!!!  When you pray for healing do it with confidence and tell them God is going to heal them now and ask them to agree with you on that.


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